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Sometimes it's possible to succeed in combining functionality and design into the very same product. With the introduction of the collapsible strainer Normann Copenhagen and Boje Estermann have added another product to the list of funny, functional and smart kitchen accessories. Boje Estermann explains: "One day I was in my kitchen trying to find a space for my big and clumsy strainer. Its size and form made it difficult and suddenly I thought of the collapsible funnel that I had already designed for Normann Copenhagen. It was evident - almost obvious - to design a strainer that only takes up space when in use. The strainer is a tool we use almost everyday, and a tool which most people find difficult to store." We have succeeded in developing a product with volume, which is hard enough to resist the weight of pasta or freshly cooked potatoes but still with the ability to flex, fold and be stored away in a drawer. It is even possible to wash it folded up in the dishwasher to save space. The material is easy to clean and it is durable enough to take the cold and the heat. The curved bottom is made in stainless steel and gives the strainer a touch of class. You can even use the strainer directly on the table as a fruit bowl. Are you fed up with clumsy strainers that take up the space of six plates in the dishwasher, or a medium sized pot in your cupboard - then try our strainer.

Materialstainless steel
shades of yellow
shades of red
shades of blue
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shades of grey

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Boje Estermann