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Product description

Designer Anne Lehmann has created a range of throw blankets in a simple design and complementary tones for Normann Copenhagen. The range is called Tint and is made of 100 % pure lamb’s wool. It is available in six beautiful colours.

Anne Lehmann's design was inspired by how the changing seasons of nature affects light and colours. She has utilised the technique in the weaving to create a simple and contemporary design. After the weaving process the wool is brushed, making Tint extra soft and warm.

Tint's primary colour is softened up by broad stripes of various colour tones. In the colour range there are clear references to the blue hour, where the light gradually moves its way through the complete spectrum of blue tones and culminates in deep black, or a sunset where the sky changes from the most delicate pastels to a blaze of red tones.

”One can use a throw blanket throughout the year. It's comfortable to wrap yourself in a nice throw blanket when it gets cold outside, and it's nice to take a throw blanket out onto the grass and enjoy the sun when it gets warmer. I've been inspired by how colours can suddenly change according to how the light falls, creating a completely new expression. The tones in the textures of Tint change just as the seasons continuously change from dark to light or night to day," says Anne Lehmann.

The expression of the throw blanket changes according to how you fold it, due to the wide stripes in the design. In this way, Tint can accentuate other colours in the home, e.g. cushions, furniture and accessories.

Length1800 mm
Width1300 mm

Normann Copenhagen, Denmark

Anne Lehmann