Janis FR

Presented: imm cologne 2017, Cologne
Stylepark-ID: 08.2469.10220
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Product description

This semi-transparent drapery fabric transposes the colour scheme of its wavy jacquard designs into refined visual effects. In seven combinations of white/white, grey/white, black/gold, red/white and green/violet through to yellow/pink and olive/turquoise this reversible drapery fabric plays with the incidental light. This means its curvy weave pattern at times emerges very delicately and at others more noticeably – appearing classical, elegant or playfully light depending on the colour tone. This finesse means Janis FR with its 325 cm width opens up multiple application options in the private and public sphere.

Width 1400 mm
Fabric colour unicoloured
Cleaning no hot ironing
Fabric width to 160 cm
Width of fabric reel approx.
Material specialty fiber (Trevira CS)

Nya Nordiska, Germany

Nya Nordiska Design Team

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