Jazz FR

Jazz FR
Product description

Flame retardant net fabric with metallic yarns (width 310 cm) for interior decorations in private and contractual spaces. Jazz FR is a semi transparent leno fabric. Through this special weaving technique two warp yarns entwine around each other and fix the weft yarns. We chose enhanced filigree, highly reflective metallic fillets for the weft.This makes a surprisingly loosely falling curtain fabric with a strong material effect. Jazz FR shall be understood as a humorous overstatement of an opulent decoration or as an exciting contrast within a reduced ambience. The first time flame retardant fillets of foil enables the use of metallic fabrics for contract projects.

Total weight 6 g/m²
Width 3100 mm
Fabric colour unicoloured
Cleaning regular wash cycle 30°
Flame resistance B1 difficult inflammable
Fabric width over 300 cm
Material polyester

Nya Nordiska, Germany

Nya Nordiska Design Team

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