Oscuro FR

Oscuro FR
Stylepark-ID: 08.2469.10305
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Product description

A very soft lining made of 100% flame-retardant polyester, with a touch almost like suede. Oscuro FR achieves a darkening rate of 99,9% and thus is almost a black-out. Classic red and blue hues as well as beautiful non-colours result in a pleasant warm and first-class "dimmer". Oscuro FR also belongs to the four-serial of new lining textiles which also can be used on its own as cost-effective basics.

Fabric colour unicoloured
Fabric functions dimmer
Cleaning tumble-drying not possible
Flame resistance B1 difficult inflammable
Fabric width to 300 cm
Width of fabric reel approx.
Material polyester
Colors shades of violet

Nya Nordiska, Germany

Nya Nordiska Design Team

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