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In the development of its Core Classics collection in Autumn 2015/2016 Nya Nordiska looks to “functionality”. With 12 textile innovations the long-standing experience of this fabric editeur opens up new areas of architectural application for fabrics: the new developments are climatising, sound-absorbing, anti-microbial, light-dimming, water-repellent and flame-retardant. The finishing possibilities of polymer fibres are fully exploited here: thanks to Nya Nordiska’s outstanding design and material expertise the functional properties of Trevira CS, Cradura and polyester are combined to create decorative and upholstery fabrics with an elegant look and flattering touch that is surprisingly close to natural fibres like linen and wool.

Pacco FR is an innovative upholstery fabric developed by Nya Nordiska in collaboration with the Climatex brand. Combining synthetic and natural fibres in a “textile helix” forms a multi-dimension product makes for a natural climatising effect: thanks to the capillary effect humidity is quickly conveyed from the outer polyamide layer into the pure new wool layer underneath where the humidity is absorbed to then evaporate. In hot temperatures the seating area feels pleasantly dry and cool. In the cold the double-layer weave allows the fabric to quickly adapt to body temperature thereby conveying pleasant warmth. This not only eases circulation of the seated person and promotes their feeling of well-being, this development also leads to long-term savings on energy costs for both heating and cooling.

At the same time, Climatex products are completely recyclable and certified with the Cradle to Cradle Silver rating: thanks to their so-called “dual-cycle technology” the three components of Pacco FR can be separated again simply by applying heat and pressure and can be fed back into the relevant material cycles as biological nutrients and technical raw materials.

In addition to its climatising function and environmental sustainability Pacco FR stands out with its flame retardancy in accordance with EN 1021-1+2, light fastness of 6-7 and abrasion resistance of over 80,000 revolutions according to Martindale. This makes the upholstery fabric ideal for the public premises sector.

Likewise, Pacco FR combines the material-technical advantages of the Swiss development Climatex with visual and tactile finesse: the irregular weave of the two-tone design creates a lively and structured surface with an extraordinarily soft feel. The nature-inspired colour scheme featuring seven colour shades increases the wool-like impression of the fabric meaning that Pacco FR is also ideally suited for use within the private sphere.

Total weight31 g/m²
Width1400 mm
Fabric colourunicoloured
Cleaningtumble-drying not possible
Fabric widthto 160 cm

nya nordiska, Germany

Nya Nordiska Design Team

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