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Proved to be innovative, Creative Concept consistently follows contemporary living requirements. The textiles transfer nonchalant sophistication of modern sportswear fashion to the interior setting: Flexible functionality and practicability meet the need of reinventing living space time and again. The clear signal fabric designs do, very consciously, not subordinate to the design objects of interior decoration but instead present themselves assertively as part of the architecture. Colour is in the focus not only with strong plain-coloured designs such as Bahama CS and Wasabi CS, also the three-dimensional effect of the cubed print design of Batumi CS is achieved by way of colour gradients. The experimental transparent fleece made of Trevira CS moves on the border between textile and paper. The high contrast of colours of poplin-like Scalia CS underlines the dynamic effect of the perspective, strictly graphical cube design. Finally, flexible applicability in this living world finds its exemplary expression in Shape: Due to the high spandex content of the upholstery fabric with three-dimensional, slightly nubby surface, it is also suited for upholstery in unusual shapes and curves.

Fabric colour unicoloured
Fabric functions half transparency
Colors white
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Nya Nordiska, Germany

Nya Nordiska Design Team

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