Obersound, Collections 5.5 designers

Obersound, Collections 5.5 designers
Product description

The new collection of acoustical wall panels has been created by the 5.5 designers agency for Oberflex. The 5.5 designers and Oberflex conducted a conceptual and technical reflexion that led to the creation of 5 new universes: Climate, Skin, Plant, Coutur

e and Vibration.

25 new models of perforated wood panels are very different from one to another, very designed (exclusive holes design) and offering good acoustic performances. Such perforations have been possible to produce taking advantage of a v

ery new milling process and industrial equipment specially developed for Oberflex. With “Obersound, Collections 5.5 designers”, Architects and designers from whole world can mix acoustic performance and exclusive design for their interior fitting projects



Oberflex, France