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`Ola´ is a folding table like no other. Standard folding tables usually hide a number of fixtures under the tabletop but these are evidently absent in `Ola´. The designers, Petter Danielson and Oscar Ternbom, this year’s “Newcomers” at Materia, have worke

d for years to design a table with a smooth finish both when folded and unfolded. ”We wanted to solve the practical problems that one often encounters with folding tables. The `Ola´ design allows you to fold and unfold the table without ever having to tur

n it upside down. In this way, it offers better ergonomic handling. And the tabletop lasts longer”, says Oscar. The table was displayed last year at the Greenhouse, an area for young designers at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, and is launched by Materia at

this year’s exhibition. Petter Danielson and Oscar Ternbom attended the Industrial design program at Chalmers University. But while many of their fellow students chose to work with big, traditional engineering companies such as Volvo and SKF, Oscar and P

etter decided instead to set up the Akka design studio. They currently work with product and furniture design, illustrations and graphic design.

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Petter Danielsson

Oscar Ternbom

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