Presented:Salone del Mobile 2012, Milan
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Product description

"Handles are often square, cold, and unpleasant to the touch. In my architecture I always look for handles that have an identity, a rounded shape and a tactile appeal. A handle is a detail that adds depth to the place".
Jean Nouvel


distillation of the creativity of artist Jean Nouvel, period. As a boy, in fact, the famous French architect, designer of the Arab World Institute, and master of architectural dematerialization, wanted to be a painter. Then, a sculptor, and finally, a ph

otographer. But his strict parents would not have it. In architecture he found a bridge between creativity and parental control. And in sculpture, the opportunity to experiment with an old passion that never quite faded. This is where the story of CHELSEA

begins, an “onomatopoeic” handle that bears the print of the hand that molded it. A friendly handle that invites the hand to grasp it. Astonishingly sculptural; ironically excessive in its honesty.Designed in particular for a hotel in Chelsea and now pro

duct in porcelain.Available in the door version with rosette and escutcheon; Cremonese; DK and DK by security. Brass, with White, Chrome/mat white, mat Chrome /mat white or Black, Chrome/mat black, Mat Chrome /mat black.

Olivari, Italy

Jean Nouvel