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Corpus offers more new styles with a highly adaptable concept of ceiling design. The new Corpus ideas volved from the well-established working relationship between the esteemed designer and architect Hadi Teherani together with technicians and development engineers of OWA. Since 2012, the OWAconsult® collection designed by Hadi Teherani has provided not only a timeless concept – even when modular ceilings are behing the design – but also enables a tremendous amount of design freedom. Corpus has now succeeded in expanding this freedom even further. Ultrafine, white, fleececovered surfaces are interwoven seamlessly, thereby modelling the formal content and cohesion of the individual elements. That way, Corpus blends avant-garde freedom with classical styling, giving it its own, unmistakable impression. In addition, as an essential characteristic of the OWAconsult® collection, there are the outstanding absorption properties of the individual elements, which ensure exemplary room acoustics, especially when they are combined. 

Ten different rectangular or alternatively square shapes are available in the Corpus series to be able to implement the greatest variety of ceiling designs – thanks to discrete and yet easy to use connection system.

Length 520 mm / 1120 mm
Width 520 mm / 1120 mm / 1720 mm / 2320 mm
Height 150 mm / 300 mm
Material nonwoven fabric

OWA, Germany

Hadi Teherani

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