Aluminium corner sliding window, Villa E

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Geneva and its Californian ambiences... As in all Geissbuhler architecture studio's projects, Villa E shows that even in Geneva - where the climate is known for not being particularly pleasant - it is possible to create an ambience of "Californian" lifest

yle, bathed by the south-west sun. The flow between interior and exterior space is also a fundamental element in Christian Geissbuhler's and interior architect Sandrine Oppliger's projects, something that becomes evident in this case thanks to Panoramah!

windows. The house orientation is thought so that the strong presence of the slopes of the Salève mountain are not visible from its interior; the large glass surfaces are therefore turned to the south-west, over a wide-open, uncluttered landscape. The vi

lla is composed of two volumes that are interlinked by a central glazed structure which accommodates the house's communal functions. The misalignment between the volumes allows for the creation of two glazed patios, one of which predominantly features veg

etation, and the other, water.

The north-east and south facades only have small tears in the shape of merlons, with the aim of emphasizing the south-west-facing facade which is completely glazed along its entire length. The possibility of opening i

t entirely, including the glass corners, ensures the desired aperture over the terrace and the aquatic patio. The shallow water mirror projects an an ever-changing play of reflections on the white walls and into the interior living space. The house's floo

r is clad in bright white polyurethane resin which extends on the same level to the terrace, with a different finish in the exterior. There is an intense feeling of a continuous interior/exterior space. Opening the sliding windows allows the limits of the

house to extend and blur with the green of the surrounding trees. Summer or winter, the dominant feeling that this house transmits is one of a strong relationship with light and the natural elements. Its interior ambience - materials, cladding, furniture

, pictures and objects – is formed by a multicultural and multicoloured composition of classic items and current fashions.

All pictures: Villa E, Génève, Suisse
Architects: Atelier d'architecture Geissbühler


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