Aluminium sash window, F3 House

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Product description

The house is located on a rectangular, urban lot and springs from a grid which modulates the structure —the ground plan as much as the volume— and separates it from the lot, perceiving it in this manner as a cantilevered structure in which the columns and

main beams are visible on the outside, defining the plans of the facade and shaping the volumes. The positioning of the building, standing close to the street, allows for the creation of a garden area with a pool up to the interior of the block. The volu

mes are linked, according to the requirements of the program and the arrangement of the interior space, in order to emphasise the relationship with the exterior spaces, which is the aim of the project. Each area of the house is extended by an exterior gar

den space, creating a path around the perimeter in which the vegetation comes to the fore, in this manner visually encroaching on the interior spaces. The structural profiling defines and tautens the planes of the facade, composed of full and empty spaces

, taken to the edge of the perimeter. This interplay of the facades and volumes allows for the intentional influence of light on the interior, which receives a pattern of light and shadows that changes over the course of the day. The use of white limeston

e for the blind walls, and the large glazed walls which are resolved with minimal profiling, transmit a sensation of lightness.

The PANORAMAH! vertical sliding window is the result of an innovative development which makes the most of the used mater

ials. With a simple, minimalist design concept, the peripheral profiles are hidden, with only 20 mm of the horizontal uprights remaining visible between glass panes. The counterweighted glass panes are connected by stainless steel wires supported by conce

aled pulleys which glide along vertical rails and which may move and stop freely at different points of the aperture, thus allowing for different uses, from simple ventilation to complete opening.

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elona, Spain
Architects: Carlos Ferrater, Lucía Ferrater


panoramah!®, Switzerland