Aluminium sliding window, Art and Archaelogy Museum

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Product description

The natural lighting of the building's different spaces is always expressed in the same way on the exterior - a vertical slice - variable in size and in the rhythm of the composition, as a result of the lighting requirements of the interior spaces. From t

he exterior, the reading is of a volume in textured concrete cut by straight lines of varying sizes, where the two floors that structure the program may be implicitly read. The type of aperture chosen is an indirect response to the appealing nature of the

landscape. The option is that of not opening up large surfaces of glass and always transporting the landscape into the space in the same way, therefore forcing the user to position himself before it and always providing him with different realities, avoi

ding the problem of repetition in his everyday experience. This condition also permits the unique nature of the aperture between interior/exterior content to be emphasised, and for the moment of natural light in the space to be condensed.

The resta

urant/cafeteria, services, garage and loading/unloading area are found on the floor below the lobby. (...) The restaurant/cafeteria is orientated towards the landscape and the site, and its mirrored glass facade will allow for an ambiguous, dematerialised

reading from the exterior, with the adjoining mountains reflected on its surfaces.

All pictures: Art and archaeology museum, V. N. Foz Côa, Portugal
Architect: Pedro Tiago Pimen

tel, Camilo Rebelo


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