Aluminium sliding window, Casa em Braga

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Product description

The house is born from the desire to answer the clients' wishes: a black and white house with ample terraces above the city. For the house, the image of Tadao Ando's Minami Dera temple emerged, on the pretext of black and due to the client being in the ti

mber industry. For the terraces, options of design led us to surround the house with a heroically cantilevered ring. Between the ring and the house a large garden sprang up, capable of embracing the vertical lines of the preserved oaks. To the south and w

est, the suspended balconies volume frames the long line of the horizon. The living room is a double height area between the two elements. The ring will probably be painted in white. The box, originally conceived to be of solid wood up to the top, will be

cladded with patinated zinc because of maintenance reasons.

The membrane separating the two elements had itself to be a happening. The 5.80 m high opening, was intended to be composed of one single vertical element, which should slide in order to

allow the necessary permeability between interior living space and exterior terrace. The double bearing system was the only possible choice that could make the manual opening of this sliding glass panel, weighing 900 kg, possible. Having the standard pro

file as a starting point, we proceeded to adapt it to the needs of the project, which included thicker glass than the one the basic system allowed for. Given the system's modular compositional base, it was possible to achieve the intended result by means

of small alterations. The untouched concept was in this way supported by Panoramah! Technology, thus removing usual physical constraints from the architectural design equation.

All pictures: Casa em Braga, Braga, Port

Architects: Jean Pierre Porcher, Margarida Oliveira, Albino Freitas


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