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Another stunning lighting design from Fredrikson Stallard’s renowned Glaciarium collection, the Paradisium takes its inspiration from a fusion of Swarovski’s innovative and complex production techniques and the dynamic qualities of raw crystal. While the name points to the heavens, its exceptional wow-factor looks were designed to make a statement when lighting up more earthly, but no less perfect, rooms of grand proportion.

Like the Avalon, it features a harmonious dome design, its crystals cascading in a perfect circle and mounted to enable them to shiver and shimmer in the light to breathtaking effect. However, its own dazzling LED light effects are cleverly focused under a striking curved shade that is available in a range of colors. The effect is a sensation of high drama expressed with high style. Furthermore, its mix of industrial and organic aesthetics means that it will enhance both ultra-contemporary and more traditional interiors with the same standout luxury. The Paradisium is fully dimmable and is available in two sizes: 1000 x 960mm and 1589 x 960mm.

Height960 mm
Diameter1000 mm / 1589 mm
Weight70 kg / 120 kg
Materialcrystal glass
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