Petersen Cover, C48

Presented: BAU 2015, Munich
Stylepark-ID: 60.7264.00047
Categories: Exterior walls / FacadesFacadesBrick / Clinker brick facades
Product description

The first brick was produced from water and clay in Mesopotamia around 3000 BC, and has hardly changed since then.

Petersen Cover is also made of clay and water. Like other Petersen bricks it is handmade using wooden moulds in a process that has changed little for hundreds of years. The innovative aspect is the design. Unlike traditional brick, Petersen Cover doesn’t require mortar and trowels. Petersen Cover is attached – firmly and with precision – to the underlying steel or wooden structure of the façade or roof. Installation is quick, simple, vandal-proof and not dependent on the weather.

Unlike traditional brick, which is laid with mortar, Petersen Cover is removable and infinitely recyclable. The absence of joints makes finished surfaces 100% maintenance free.
Petersen Cover was developed in corporation with creative architects, Min2 Architects, developed a prototype for their villa in Bergen aan Zee in the Netherlands and the Danish architectural company, Lundgaard & Tranberg, developed it further for Sorø Art Museum in Denmark.
The combination of English and German clay makes Petersen Cover extremely strong and water resistant. It is available in 14 different colours and in two sizes: 528mm x 170mm x 37mm and 528mm x 240mm x 37mm.

Length 528 cm
Height 170 cm / 240 cm
Depth 37 cm
Type curtain /back-ventilated facades

Petersen Tegl, Denmark

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