Phi 2~pirali

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Product description

The desk fan "Phi 2~pirali" is characterised by the introduction of a simple notch system for the cage that perfectly circumscribes the basic shape. Furthermore it allows to adjust the inclination of the fan at will. The desired amount of

ventilation of its one speed lay out is determined by the distance the fan is positioned from its user. The device is part of the permanent modern collection of the museum Pinakothek Der Moderne in Munich, Germany. Maximum reach: 4m

Series limitation: 300 units/year. Each fan is registered with individual serial number.

Motor specifications: 2 pole motor, 220-240V/ 50-60 Hz/ 15W, maintenance free bearings

Materials: polished aluminium,

chromed steel, blades made from soft rubber.

Diameter: 25cm

Height 230 mm
Diameter 250 mm
Weight 140 kg
Material aluminium
Colors silver
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Phi, Switzerland

Ezio Pirali

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