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Product description

This experimental and ultra-thin OLED installation created by the rAndom International designer-artist collective for Philips Lumiblade has been built with 900 unique OLEDs. (Organic Light Emitting Diodes). OLEDs are large area diffuse light sources made

from extremely thin glass (2mm) and feature a perfect mirror finish. This innovative light source promises to revolutionize the way we think about and use light.
When all the OLEDs of the Philips Lumiblade Mirrorwall are switched on, the wall casts ou

t a gentle glow of light. But if you go and stand in front of the wall, you´ll find that the OLEDs directly in front of you switch off, allowing the panels to form a mirror in your shape. Take a step to the right or left, and the mirror will move along wi

th you.
It allows people to experience the Lumiblades in a playful way and to witness at first hand the power of the latest technology and innovative environmentally friendly material. "You fade to light" is meant as an interactive installation puttin

g people in touch in a very human way with very recent high-tech materials.
This innovative installation is the first of its kind and has never been shown before. Other than interactive LED installations the OLED wall adds the feature of the real-time

mirror effect.
OLEDs are just coming out of the lab and thus allow people to experience this brandnew technology in a very early stage. They are only available very selectiveley.
"You fade to light" is the only work realised with OLEDs. We have onl

y used state-of-the art samples, not the lab-status, but the one that really represents the mature part of it.
In order to make the installation safe and reliable we involved only experts in the single disciplines: making OLEDs, building electronics,

doing the creative part and develop the camera tracking system.
The installation was on show at a special exhibit at Superstudio Piú in Milan in April 2009 and was also accepted as collection of The International Design Museum Munich ("Die Neue Sammlu

ng") for 3 months.


Supply voltage: 100-240 V / 50-60Hz
Power consumption: approx. 800W
OLEDs: 900

Length2740 mm
Width1080 mm
Depth20 mm
Weight15000 kg
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Philips Lumiblade, Germany

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