Pipe barstool

Product description

Peter Karpf is not only one of Scandinavia’s most skilled design veterans. His analytical skills are also outstanding. His friend, Verner Panton, once advised him: ”Do not look too much at what others are doing. Stay at home and think instead.” And this i

s exactly what he did. Peter Karpf has examined chairs and seating for 30 years. Not in the least the `Voxia´ chair range, with its one-piece moulded design – a study in optimal simplicity. With the new `Pipe´ chair, developed for Materia, Karpf has inste

ad revamped the traditional chair. `Pipe´ offers something as unusual as a springy wooden seat, which makes it unusually comfortable. “`This won’t work´ is an expression that is not found in my vocabulary, says Peter Karpf. If something seems impossible,

I force myself to think as if it were possible. And it actually happens.” “The wave design in `Pipe´ makes the seat spring lightly. It also creates air pockets which prevents your bottom from getting warm. The design also makes it more comfortable to sit

on the chair for longer periods.” Peter Karpf believes that his chairs must be as easy to produce as their design is simple. “The seat and back on Pipe are kept in place without using any screws. It took a long time to find a contractor who managed to pr

ess the wood in place in the frame of the chair, but we eventually managed it.” The design is now patent pending.

Seat finishwithout upholstery
Base finishwith rockers
Backrest finishwith backrest
shades of brown
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