P´7350 white Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

Product description

Poggenpohl is revolutionising classic lines P'7350 Design by Porsche Design Studio

Poggenpohl and Porsche Design Studio – both companies have been synonymous with unique design, functional perfection and innovative mate- rials for decades now, previously jointly developing the P ́7340: a unique kitchen that marked a milestone in the history of fitted kitchens.

That philosophy now continues with the P'7350, resulting in a kitchen archi- tecture that departs from the horizontal lines of conventional kitchens in a completely new interpretation. This effect is made possible by the technol- ogy of industrial mitring of the front and carcase. The front merges with the carcase in the mitre to form an exquisitely engineered, vertical line. The mitred cut of the carcase is additionally covered with a stainless steel-effect aluminium profile, to further enhance the combination of engineering excel- lence and innovative design. Poggenpohl is the first kitchen manufacturer to be able to produce this elaborate finish with the aid of leading-edge, extremely high-precision manufacturing techniques - engineered, not just simply designed!

The second unmistakable stylistic component of the P'7350 is the blades: solid, vertical design trims made of stainless steel-effect brushed alumini- um. They bring variety to the delicately shaped front surfaces, strongly emphasise the vertical lines and can be placed in all functional areas of the kitchen. Experimenting with the contrast between the solid blades and the
delicate lines of the front takes full advantage of the possibilities of the P'7350.

Poggenpohl offers three neutral plain colours within the exclusive P ́7350 colour scheme with a matt and with a gloss lacquer finish, in addition to an elegant walnut veneer in grey. The P ́7350 is not only impressive as plain- coloured kitchen architecture; but also by combining the colours with one another or adding fronts in grey walnut results in a completely new ambi- ence that never fails to highlight its special character.


Poggenpohl, Germany

Porsche Design Studio