Presented:Salone del Mobile 2017, Milan
Categories: Floors CarpetsFormated carpets
Product description

The nomadic peoples of the Middle East gave rugs the meaning and function of space, of the home. In these civilisations there was a rug for each event in life: births, weddings, reunions, banquets, and encounters. And it is this ancestral object, rich with symbolic meanings, whose essence Poltrona Frau gathers in a new, evocative collection. Rugs that are designed to create ever warmer and more complete settings to your life. Atmospheres where every element is the result of a considered choice.

Far from the rationale of forced or coordinated pairings, Poltrona Frau Rugs are one-of-a-kind. They satisfy the desire of people who love creating their spaces themselves and express a personal, cultured, and sophisticated taste down to the very last detail or furnishing.

The rugs in the new collection embody an extensive study and are the outcome of authentic handicraft techniques that come from faraway lands and cultures with whose values Poltrona Frau identifies. Thus every rug is bursting with an emotional and aesthetic sense that helps add a unique touch next to a Poltrona Frau seat, sofa, bed, or table. The collection includes three lines with different handicraft techniques, materials, colours, and designs.

Chado and Land, created by Designcorporate for Poltrona Frau and Pecan, Poltrona Frau R&D.

Poltrona Frau, Italy