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Product description

There are also new editions for the desk series, with President and Executive Desk in the new 183 cm long version. They are even more compact in size, for a versatile, contemporary workspace. Attention is paid to every detail and practical. The top integrates with a storage unit connected to the desk by a cable passageway. President Desk has an open compartment and two drawers. Executive Desk has two drawers and filing cabinet. The fronts of the drawers, fitted with a soft-close mechanism like the filing cabinet, are covered in Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System. 

Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System is also used for the desk top and is decorated with a strip of lead- or tobacco-stained oak with matt finish, running the length of the desk to separate the work area from the Guest area. The frame and legs are in lead-painted steel with T-section.

Length1830 mm
Colorsshades of brown
shades of grey
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Poltrona Frau, Italy

Rodolfo Dordoni