L-Collection tray

L-Collection tray
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Product description

L-Collection is a new and surprising line of accessories designed by Lavinia Borromeo with Poltrona Frau, rereading one such sign : the neo-classical plissé that characterises the armrest of the “Chester” sofa. L-Collection perpetuates the tradition and i

nnovation of Poltrona Frau in the world of home accessories begun in the ‘20s and ‘30s with the miniaturisation of the most representative items in its catalogue. The technique of pleating the leather that distinguishes the L-Collection, which requires pa

tience and artisanal expertise, is enhanced by the extraordinary beauty of the objects themselves, each made entirely by hand in a numbered limited edition. L-Collection is made up of 6 pieces in a limited edition. Only in some colors of Pelle Frau® from

the Color System range.

Colorsshades of grey
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Poltrona Frau, Italy

Lavinia Borromeo

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