La Belle S5

Presented: Euroluce 2011, Milan
Stylepark-ID: 04.1335.00232
Categories: Interior lightingPendant lights
Product description

La Belle, a hanging lamp that incorporates its own light source in a similar way to a glass jar and its cap. The interaction of the two elements, the opal white polyethylene drum and the transparent or colored PMMA diffuser, creates a lamp that revisits t

he classic icon of the suspension lamp. With smooth lines and contemporary color combinations, La Belle offers a pleasant and comfortable diffused light.

Suspended lamp for diffused lighting. Matt white painted metallic structure with central or side

ceiling rose. Transparent clear, grey, red, satin clear or opal white thermoformed plexiglass upper diffuser. Opal white roto-moulded lower diffuser. Electronic or digital dimmable ballast.

Light regulation stepless dimmer
Stand/ mounting with pendant hanging
Colors white
shades of red
shades of grey

Prandina, Italy

Filippo Protasoni