Paraph T3

Presented: Euroluce 2011, Milan
Stylepark-ID: 04.1335.00238
Categories: Interior lightingTable lamps
Product description

Paraph is an extremely stylized graphic abstract pencil stroke, continuous and at the same time taught and bold, that becomes an elegant object. A table and floor lamp which consists of a curved painted matt black aluminum structure with an integrated LE

D rotating head; creating a high performance yet comfortable lighting output.

Table and floor lamp for directed lighting Bent aluminium structure painted in matt black. LED tilting head with PMMA built-in optic lens, in black anodized extruded alumini

um. Feeding wire with bipolar plug and on-off switch. Plug electronic driver.

Stand/ mounting with footplate
Material aluminium
Colors black
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Prandina, Italy

Serge & Robert Cornelissen