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Together with Konstantin Grcic, Flötotto has developed the innovative PRO chair, designed to support the user's freedom of movement by allowing various sitting positions. PRO's most characteristic feature is the chair's S-shaped shell that enables a dynamic yet comfortable sitting experience. The special shape of the shell is based on recent studies into the area of 'Active Sitting' in schools. Originally designed for use in educational environments, the PRO chair with its lightweight and welcoming appearance is also suited for use in other object and private interiors due to its superb functional qualities. The worldwide launch of this line of universal chairs, which come in six attractive colours and five different frame designs, will take place at imm cologne in January 2012.

PRO's unique comfort is based on three main qualities: firstly, the round seat is formed similar to that of a stool and therefore does not force the body forwards. Secondly, the slim backrest allows the torso to move sideways. The third and most decisive aspect is the distinct S-shape of the backrest: the lower curve allows freedom of movement and takes strain away from the lower back and the pelvis. The three-dimensional shape provides structural stability, thus making it possible to produce the plastic shell without using fibreglass for reinforcement and having the additional benefit of significantly increased recycling options. The backwards bend of the upper part of the backrest encourages frequent change of sitting positions and also provides the option of sitting in a straddling position. "With PRO, we have created a chair that meets the latest requirements for school furniture while, due to its specific characteristics, it can also be used as a normal chair in various other settings", is how Grcic sums it up.

PRO Details
• Chair coillection for use in schools and in the private and commercial sectors
• Plastic shell made of 100% polypropylene, available in 6 colours: snow white, graphite black, granite grey, aqua blue, coral red and kiwi green
• Frame designs: C frame (for use in schools) made of tubular steel, four-legged frames in tubular steel or wood, sled base frame in tubular steel, height-adjustable 5-star swivel base frame
(with castors)
• Various accessories for use in commercial sectors (seat padding, row connectors, trays, large range of glides etc.)
• School furniture series, initially available in 3 sizes according to DIN EN 1729: size 4 (primary school), size 5 and 6 (different ages up to 6th form / high school graduates); further sizes to be available in future
• Matching tables in sizes 4 to 6 are available for use in schools

Seat finishwithout upholstery
Base finishwith rockers
Backrest finishwithout back padding
Armrest finishwithout armrests
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