Cloud sofa

Product description

Cloud comes from a family of modular sofas, offering a large number of compositions each adapted to a given space. Its morphology is defined by simple basic lines of a slightly lower armchair and an elevated armrest. Support from the cold foam reinforces its entire volume, while the superficial layer of feather filling provides an extra softness to the Cloud and a feeling of being 'like in the clouds'. In combination with the fabrics of natural origin, the experience of relaxation and pleasure is maximized. Cloud's dimensions go hand-in-hand with the needs of different groups of users, who can choose between different widths of the module. Due to its morphology, cloud is ideal for furnishing larger spaces.

Height700 mm
Height of seat400 mm
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Prostoria, Croatia

Sanja Knezović

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for Cloud sofa

File formatFile nameSizeDownload
CADCloud-1-Seater-83.dwg427.047 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-103.dwg475.301 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Armrest-110-L.dwg698.504 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Armrest-110-R.dwg692.184 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Armrest-130-L.dwg756.313 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Armrest-130-R.dwg757.451 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Extended-130-L.dwg507.835 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Extended-130-R.dwg501.973 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Extended-150-L.dwg543.086 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Extended-150-R.dwg539.282 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Extended-180-L.dwg583.2 KB
CADCloud-1-Seater-Extended-180-R.dwg582.316 KB
CADCloud-2-Seater-166.dwg600.559 KB
CADCloud-2-Seater-206.dwg649.445 KB
CADCloud-2-Seater-Armrest-193-L.dwg870.315 KB
CADCloud-2-Seater-Armrest-193-R.dwg866.448 KB
CADCloud-2-Seater-Armrest-233-L.dwg931.755 KB
CADCloud-2-Seater-Armrest-233-R.dwg929.593 KB
CADCloud-2.5-Seater-Sofa.dwg1.153 MB
CADCloud-3-Seater-Sofa.dwg1.213 MB
CADCloud-Armchair.dwg923.897 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-110x175-L.dwg855.192 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-110x175-R.dwg857.656 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-110x205-L.dwg894.534 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-110x205-R.dwg901.018 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-130x175-L.dwg899.829 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-130x175-R.dwg892.971 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-130x205-L.dwg941.987 KB
CADCloud-Chaise-Longue-130x205-R.dwg943.117 KB
CADcloud-collection-2D.dwg439.345 KB
CADCloud-Corner-Asymmetrical-L.dwg476.512 KB
CADCloud-Corner-Asymmetrical-R.dwg471.53 KB
CADCloud-Corner.dwg426.032 KB
CADCloud-Island-83x103.dwg335.287 KB
CADCloud-Island-103x103.dwg350.313 KB
CADCloud-Pouf-83x103.dwg399.115 KB
CADCloud-Pouf-110x110.dwg467.485 KB
CADCloud-Pouf-130x130.dwg557.469 KB

by Prostoria

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PDFProstoria_10_catalogue_2021_EN.pdf9.74 MB
PDFProstoria_Collections_catalogue_2021_EN_HR.pdf7.406 MB
PDFReady_to_Ship_and_Quick_Ship_collection_Prostoria_2020.pdf1.858 MB
PDFHOME-COLLECTION_10_2021_ver01.pdf4.301 MB
PDFCONTRACT-COLLECTION_10_2021_ver01.pdf8.873 MB