Impression armchair

Product description

The Impression armchair is a welcome addition to our Impression sofa series, incorporating both elegance and comfort. Low and slender armrests and a deep backrest deliver a sophisticated look while nevertheless incorporating a shaped inner framework for ergonomically-designed seating. The legs are sturdy but build in filigree detailing which emphasizes the armchair's visual appeal. The armchair’s refined appearance is highlighted by special detail on the armrests whose motifs, included on each of the corners, is repeated on the additional cushions.

Width800 mm
Height700 mm
Depth920 mm
Height of seat410 mm
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Prostoria, Croatia

Meike Herde

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for Impression armchair

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CADimpression-2-Seater-v2.dwg1.857 MB
CADimpression-2-Seater.dwg1.774 MB
CADimpression-2.5-Seater-v2.dwg1.611 MB
CADimpression-2.5-Seater.dwg1.545 MB
CADimpression-3-Seater-v2.dwg2.124 MB
CADimpression-3-Seater.dwg2.034 MB
CADimpression-Armchair-v2.dwg949.09 KB
CADimpression-Armchair.dwg859.31 KB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L190-L-v2.dwg1.453 MB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L190-L.dwg1.358 MB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L190-R-v2.dwg1.431 MB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L190-R.dwg1.339 MB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L225-L-v2.dwg1.498 MB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L225-L.dwg1.433 MB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L225-R-v2.dwg1.488 MB
CADimpression-Chaise-Longue-L225-R.dwg1.413 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L190-L-v2.dwg1.424 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L190-L.dwg1.417 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L190-R-v2.dwg1.413 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L190-R.dwg1.394 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L225-L-v2.dwg1.489 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L225-L.dwg1.468 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L225-R-v2.dwg1.473 MB
CADimpression-End-Unit-L225-R.dwg1.453 MB
CADimpression-sofa-collection-2D.dwg692.928 KB

by Prostoria

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PDFProstoria_10_catalogue_2021_EN.pdf9.74 MB
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