Radiant Light

Product description

Radiant Light by Tord Boontje is the first commercial wall light in Swarovski’s Crystal Palace portfolio. Part of Boontje’s groundbreaking Luminous Reflections collection, its elegantly mounted single unfaceted crystal is simply stunning—like adorning a wall with a piece of jewelry.
As the first commercial wall light within the Swarovski Crystal Palace portfolio, Radiant Light is a highly anticipated design in Tord Boontje’s Luminous Reflections chandelier collection. Radiant Light is also one of the most purely beautiful: while elsewhere across the collection Boontje has used crystals carefully, like precious stones in a piece of jewelry, his desire to find a different approach to lighting design is perhaps most evident here.
The polished matt silver frame elegantly clasps a single large Circle crystal component as though it were the chicest of cocktail rings or pendants. Meanwhile, a dimmable neutral white light (4,000K) is simply reflected back onto the wall, with the fluid and unfaceted crystal creating a soft, warm, organic pattern. The natural, ethereal quality of the ""jewel of light"" effect that Boontje is seeking in his Luminous Reflections chandelier designs is perhaps most clearly focused in this stunning piece.

MaterialSwarovski Crystal
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Tord Boontje