RAICO THERM+ A-V / A-I, Les Mercier, Lausanne

Product description

The THERM+ aluminium curtain wall stick systems combine a maximum application range with straight forward planning and manufacture, providing high processing reliability due to the consistent modular technology.

THERM+ A-I offers an exception

al freedom for the design of curtain walls, conservatories and sloped glass roofs with an inclination down to 2°, even with demanding structural or construction requirements.

THERM+ A-V is ideal for very slim and economic curtain wall s

olutions, featuring reduced gasket dimensions on the interior and an optimised cost-benefit ratio for common façade applications.

All pictures: Les Mercier, Lausanne, Switzerland

rong>Architects: Richter - Dahl Rocha & Associés Architectes SA, Lausanne, Switzerland


RAICO, Germany