cast Saukonranta Helsinki, 3D elements

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Product description

The three-dimensional mould elements made of glass fibre-reinforced concrete make facades with ambitious geometric forms possible. Thanks to a newly developed manufacturing technology, fibreC 3D elements can be produced in fair-faced concrete quality on both sides, which means that Rieder will grant architects even more design freedom. As the mould elements can be combined with the fibreC facade panels, they represent an economical solution for one-of-a-kind facades.

Project description
Saukonranta Helsinki, Finland

Due to the geometric form of the 3D elements, special illumination effects arise indoors when sunlight shines through them. The facade on the outside serves as a clever solar protection, offers privacy and provides for a high degree of transparency thanks to the perforations.

Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Arkkitehdit

Product Information:
2.060 m² fibreC 3D facade in polar white

Material concrete
fiber glass
Colors shades of grey

Rieder, Austria

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