concrete skin interior, Corkscrew Stairs, ivory

concrete skin interior, Corkscrew Stairs, ivory
Stylepark-ID: 66.6954.00012
Categories: Interior constructionIndoor stairsSpiral staircases
Product description

The requirements to individual and functional interior design and healthy living conditions have increased tremendously.

fibreC can fulfil any wishes, and as a result of its unique properties, it is a most attractive material for interior spaces as well. The application of concrete in interior spaces opens completely new and undreamed-of dimensions.

Modern and puristic at the same time, concrete blends perfectly into interior spaces and lends them a pleasant, warm and homelike atmosphere thanks to the diversity of colours and textures.

Project description
Opera House Bregenz (AT)

Interior walls made of concrete skin 13 mm, April 2006

Dietrich/Untertrifaller, Bregenz

Pfister Natursteine, Röthis

Product Information:
Cladding interior:
600 m² concrete skin 13 mm
Colour: 05 liquide black
Surface: FE ferro
Fixing: concealed with undercut anchor

Material concrete
fiber glass
Colors shades of beige

Rieder, Austria

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