Picture perforation for a facade, Nordstjerneskolen State school in Frederikshavn

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Product description

A new school has become the star attraction

Approximately 500m2 of perforated sheets form a unique facade for this new school building. RMIG’s use of high quality perforated products and expertise with picture perforation made it possible to create a stunning image at each of the 5 house ends with facades depicting various scenes from around the globe.

Decorative and durable façade

The choice of galvanised steel is well-suited to the maritime atmosphere of the town. The use of high quality materials provides long-lasting solutions and with focus on sustainability and cost effectiveness, RMIG has supplied a durable and virtually maintenance-free facade that can be enjoyed by both pupils and teachers for many years to come.

All Pictures: Nordstjerneskolen State school, Frederikshavn, Denmark
Architect: ARKINORD A/S & Arkitema Architects
Design year: 2012


RMIG, Germany