Illustrative perforated picture for facade, Skansevejens Skole

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Product description

Illustrative perforated picture for facade
The 200 m² building for music classes reveals itself in the school courtyard at Skansevejens School. The facade, a picture made of perforation showing children singing, dancing and playing music, beautifully illustrates the purpose of the building.

A stylish and purposeful exterior
RMIG had already undertaken a number of projects within the
commercial and public sector that used images to create an aesthetic
and appealing effect. However, when utilising this method on the facade
of the music building, it was the first time the technology was used in an
educational environment. The result is a stylish, eye-catching exterior,
representing the primary purpose of the building and recognising that it is designed for children.

All Pictures: Decorative punch, Skansevejens Skole
Architect: Kærsgaard & Andersen A / S, Dänemark
Design year: 2011


RMIG, Germany

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