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Product description

Completely unexpected, yet with its every design element perfectly anticipated and executed, Fredrikson Stallard’s Rock is a unique and striking accent piece suited to grand, romantic, and quirky spaces alike. The name speaks for itself, in that it is composed of rugged-looking, angular XL Crystals that appear to be hewn from blocks of arctic ice.

The enchanting idea is that it should conjure a primordial silhouette of naturally occurring crystalline matter, presenting each part with extraordinary clarity, brilliance, and purity.

The exceptional light refraction is the result of precise calculation and careful LED color selection, drawing on Swarovski’s long history of expertise and innovation, together with Fredrikson Stallard’s experience with cutting-edge lighting design. With a useful dimmer function, it comes in two sizes: one is an arrangement of three crystal rocks artfully dropped at differing heights from a metal ceiling plate, and the other is an arrangement of five, and emits a beautiful neutral light.

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Diffuser/reflector shapeorganic
Materialcrystal glass
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Fredrikson Stallard