Stylepark-ID: 04.2527.10073
Categories: Interior lightingBuilt-in lightsCeiling built-in lights
Product description

Modular CHANGE luminaires permit the realisation of sophisticated lighting concepts, preferably for applications where equal importance is attached to viewing light and light for working.
The basic elements of the CHANGE luminaire system are three m

odules in standard dimensions but different designs:
darklight louver luminaire, louver luminaire with additional satinised LSG glass panel and luminaire with glass enclosure without louvers. They thus have a different appearance and different light

ing characteristics. A diecast aluminium mounting frame, available in a standard size or in dimensions tailored to suit the project. Square CHANGE luminaires thus lend themselves not only to individual arrangements but also to installation in series in li

near or other multiple formations. Their "visually frameless" design gives CHANGE luminaires a stylish appearance and makes for calm, harmonious ceiling illumination.

Functions fixed
Diffuser/reflector shape square
Width 401 mm
Height 150 mm
Depth 401 mm
Installation width 380 mm
Installation height 1500 mm
Installation depth 3800 mm
Colors white

RSL, Germany