Stylepark-ID: 04.2527.10066
Categories: Interior lightingBuilt-in lightsCeiling built-in lights
Product description

The principle of the DOUBLE-FOCUS-DOWNLIGHT is based on a reflector system, consisting of two separate reflectors, which concentrates light in one focal point. As the focus is situated in the light exit opening it can - in case of wide-angle light distrib

ution - have a relatively small diameter and reduce glare. DOUBLE FOCUS DOWNLIGHTS are particularly suitable for high-ceiling rooms and create a well-balanced, but not monotonous light distribution. Their high-tech appearance and their high-polished surfa

ce produce high-tech with elegance.

Functions fixed
Diffuser/reflector shape circular
Height 165 - 326 mm
Diameter 131 - 207 mm
Installation height 1650 - 3260 mm
Installation diameter 1170 - 1930 mm
Colors silver

RSL, Germany