EMITTER cylinder shaped

Product description

With its simple design language - cylindrical, angled aluminium luminaire body, in lampdependent
combination with a "power supply unit", swivel-mounted in a rectangularprofiled "U" bracket - enhanced by a silver finish, the EMITTE

R series delivers discreet lighting with technological understatement. Integrated black anti-glare louvers effectively suppress glare from the light exit opening without interfering with the contours of the luminaire. EMITTER spots with wallwasher attachm

ent evenly illuminate horizontal and vertical surfaces. Combination with the matching pendant and standard luminaire versions of the EMITTER series permits the realisation of lighting solutions with luminaires of uniform design.

Functions rotatable
Diffuser/reflector shape cylindrical
Width 220 - 304 mm
Height 182 - 190 mm
Diameter 97 mm
Material aluminium
Colors silver

RSL, Germany