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Product description

LESS - the minimalist solution that meets needs. Uncompromising in terms of lighting and installation technology, sophisticated in its aesthetic impact, the new LESS recessed downlight series caters to the needs of any downlighting concept. The myriad pos

sibilities of the LESS lighting series encompass every standard situation and every lighting task. Identical in appearance, the four LESS sizes (55, 100, 150 and 200 mm diameter light exit opening) provide vertical downlighting with radiation angles rangi

ng from 8 to 80°, in versions with or without glass enclosures as well as rotatable directional spots and rotatable wallwashers - all in optional rimmed or rimless designs. The rimless LESS version is not just elegant from a design viewpoint; it is al

so an elegant technological and logistical solution: recessing ring and downlight are supplied separately, so the latter - safe from construction site risks - is installed and connected after the ceiling is finished. In a toolless operation, naturally.

Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Height55 - 105 mm
Diameter65 mm
Installation height850 - 1350 mm
Installation diameter550 mm

RSL, Germany