Product description

As an individual feature or arranged in groups, LIGHTSTONE draws on its shape, size and lighting characteristics to set accents in parks and gardens. The clear ball of weather- and UV-resistant PMMA glass not only defies sun, rain, hail and snow; it actua

lly acquires a surprising new appearance as an "art object" when it is exposed to them. A diffusing reflector integrated in the crowning "monk`s cap" facing the LV PAR 36 reflector lamp at the bottom of the ball spreads a pool of soft

light around LIGHTSTONE, gently illuminating the surroundings.

Functions fixed
Diffuser/reflector shape spherical
Height 325 mm
Diameter 450 mm
Installation height 3150 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP67 dust-proof/protection against: immersion
Material glass (unspecified)

RSL, Germany