Product description

Wallwashers are designed for uniform illumination of surfaces. In contrast to floods with axially symmetrical light distribution curves, they provide calm, natural lighting attuned to architectural surroundings rather than individual objects. Wallwashers

are suitable for illuminating picture walls, bookcases and walls generally in museums, libraries,
administrative buildings and the home.

MINIMAL wallwashers are only 40 mm high - something made possible by the 7 mm fluorescent lamps. So the ad

vantages of wallwashing can now be harnessed in the smallest of spaces, e. g. in display cabinets, where flat objects can be uniformly illuminated.

Functions fixed
Length 260 - 560 mm
Width 100 - 118 mm
Height 60 mm
Installation width 268 - 560 mm
Installation height 600 mm
Installation depth 1000 - 1180 mm
Colors silver

RSL, Germany