Schindler 5500

Product description

Thanks to an individual modular system the Schindler 5500 can be installed in different types of buildings as residential buildings, commercial buildings and public buildings. It adapts itself optimal to the building. Car height is variable up to 3000 mm.

Standard car sizes are adaptable in width and depth with a maximum of 100 mm around ISO standards. The flexible positioning of the counterweight also provides more options for perfect space utilization, maximized rentable space and lower building costs.

Travel heights of up to 150 meters and speeds of up to 3 m/s while keeping noise and vibrations levels low and assuring a smooth ride:
The Schindler 5500 uses about 30% less energy than comparable elevators. With the clean PowerFactor 1 technology, the drives are even able to produce energy that can be fed back into the electricity grid immediately. The new drive and traction configuration weighs up to 50% less than its predecessor while using less oil and hazardous substances. Also the use of LED bulbs contributes that the Schindler 5500 achieves A-classification for the VDI energy label.

With different design lines - from pre-configured to a individual created car, to match your architectural styling concept - the Schindler 5500 is optical extremely miscellaneous. Back painted glass walls perfectly fit the overall appearance of the building.

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