Schindler Port

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Product description

The PORT Technology revolutionizes the science of optimizing traffic flow through a building with flexible personalization and access capabilities. The brain behind The PORT Technology is a powerful software system that uses information to guide and transport people quickly and safely to their individual destinations, communicating with them through a simple yet elegant device called the PORT.

Schindler’s PORT Technology not only improves total time to destination by as much as 50%, it also reduces wait times by up to 50% as well. Improvement is realized in all traffic modes, including up peak, two way and down peak. The PORT system calculates the optimum route to any destination within the building and then assigns the best elevator to handle that call. Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with The PORT system to identify travelers, Schindler can now personalize each trip for the user, providing personal service. The system is also able to ‘learn’ how a building’s occupants move, anticipating passenger needs to optimize flow and manage resources more effectively. It’s perfect movement for smarter, greener buildings.

The unique ECO (Energy Control Option) mode allows intelligent reduction of the elevators’ energy consumption without reducing the service provided to users. If current or forecasted waiting times fall below a defined acceptable value, ECO mode switches the unrequired elevators into standby mode. Thanks to the reduced number of elevator trips and improved balancing of the elevators, energy is saved. The amount of energy saved in the course of a day can be substantial. Since ECO mode dynamically monitors the traffic situation in the building, a high quality level of service is assured at all times.