COSMO shelf system

Product description

A team player that’s happy in various positions. Features of the COSMO product line are high functional efficiency and a big range of individual combined layouts. The decisive design feature of this product line with its low, high and sideboards is the concept of stacked box elements open at the front, which enliven the otherwise restrained appearance in an interesting way. Models are available in 2 cabinet widths, 5 heights and 2 depths. Colour is supplied by an extensive palette of matt paint finishes. The open elements can be in subtle, closely matching colours or make use of contrasting materials (oak and walnut) as a means of obtaining interesting accents. The drawer elements are also available in these additional wood versions. Whether as a drawer block, with doors or in various combinations or size, front design and internal fittings, this product line is never less than totally functional. The final choice of elements will depend on the intended use, for example a spacious shoe cupboard in the entrance area, a sideboard in the office or living room or a chest in the bedroom. The final visual touch comes from top panels in all the available paint colours, veneered in oak or walnut or in glass painted on the back. Sometimes less is truly more.

Width400 mm / 800 mm
Height460 mm / 860 mm / 1010 mm / 1270 mm
Depth310 mm / 400 mm
Diameter240 mm
Colorsshades of grey

Schönbuch, Germany

Dante Bonuccelli