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Product description

The technology group SCHOTT has developed a thermally tempered and weatherproof version of its color effects glass “NARIMA®”: New, tempered SCHOTT “NARIMA®” opens up new possibilities for architects and designers. In façades, the color effects glass can now not only be used as insulating glass, for instance, but also for architectural fins or point-fixed installations. This is made possible by toughening the glass to still provide enough stability for such façade installations.

Another advantage this solution offers: the façade can be designed to be more attractive and filigree. The use of tempered “NARIMA®” as monolithic panes allows for cost-effective integration into façade projects. At the same time, it can be processed as insulating glass. For instance, additional functions such as insulation or sun shield can be realized with this version. Inside a building, for example in doors, partitions or balustrades, the thermally tempered glass gives a room a high recognition value. SCHOTT currently offers its dichroic glass SCHOTT “NARIMA®” in the six colors blue-gold, blue-green, green, yellow, may green, and orange. Special colors are available upon request.

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