ProSol TF

Product description

Schüco ProSol TF units are thin-film modules that can be built into windows and façades, and take on the functional properties of traditional window and façade units – in all areas of the building envelope. The modules can be used in ventilated and non-ve

ntilated façades, as well as for solar shading.

The silicon thinfilm cells of the ProSol TF modules make particularly efficient use of the special conditions for integration in the building. They deliver very good output values even with high modul

e temperatures and diffuse light. The uniform appearance, variable degrees of transparency and tailored glass designs provide architecturally impressive results. At the Schüco site in Osterweddingen, near Magdeburg, the modules are produced in the most cl

imate-friendly way possible, with more than 50,000 tonnes of CO2 saved per year compared to other production methods. In fact, the method used by Schüco is unique worldwide and further demonstrates the outstanding eco-friendliness of the modules. The flex

ible production process allows large, homogenous formats measuring 2.20 m x 2.60 m (5.7 m2). Larger formats are also possible using a “patchwork” design.

Typecooling facades

Schüco, Germany