Product description

This hybrid chair is halfway between informal "beanbag" chairs and the traditional armchair with back and armrests. The design originates from the classic model of upholstered chair, but its form seems blurred, as if the outline were sketched freehand on

a sheet of paper. Starting from this original idea, a number of technical interventions were made to increase the quality of the product: first of all, the innovative filling system.

The heart of the design lies inside the armchair. Its filling i

s a composite mix of polystyrene and polyester fibre, distributed and differentiated within the seat, back and arms, in order to ensure excellent comfort. Thus the seat feels soft and cosy, but still provides the necessary support. It is soft, like a nest

, but not squashy like a sack. Frolla comes dressed in a wide variety of outfits: fresh and breathable for the summer, waterproof for outdoor use, soft and warm for the winter. It can be young and carefree, or more classic in vintage leather, with raw-cut

edges or ties stolen from the boots of the traditional Italian buttero cowherds.

The fabric coverings are finished with sartorial details, such as cordonnet stitching using contrasting coloured yarns, or the large olive wood buttons, which give t

he design an air of amused domesticity.

Width 1000 mm
Height 800 mm
Depth 1000 mm
Seat finish with upholstery
Backrest finish with backrest
Armrest finish with armrests
Material textiles (unspecified)
Colors shades of grey
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Folco Orlandini

Andrea Radice