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Moby is a versatile, mobile storage unit. It can be personalised inside and out with lot of accessories to organise work tools the way people like it. They can take it with them and always have everything to hand.

Moby is more than just mobile storage; it’s also a mobile office. Moby allows you to seemlessly transform any location into your personal workstation with everything just the way you like it – thanks to 1+1 Organisation Tools. Many accessories enable to customise Moby: Laptop Bag Holder, Magazine Holder, Coat/Key Hook, Book-end, Letter Box, Label Holder. Moby offers a wide range of internal fitting. It is secure and safe to use.

Moby helps you to be effective in any work situation because you can simply take it with you and have the tools of your trade at hand. It lets you re-configure your work environment according to your needs giving you the flexibility to be on top of things wherever you want to work. Moby’s multifunctionality means you can work how you want, because it can be used for more than just storage – such as informal meetings or to create visual privacy.

- Available in 2 heights and 2 widths
- Side opening tambour doors, drawer units, flip doors
- More than 25 different configurations

Cupboard front finish swinging double door frontage
with drawers
Functions rollable
Material wood (unspecified)
metal (unspecified)
Colors black
shades of orange
shades of grey
shades of brown
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Steelcase, Germany

Steelcase Design Studio

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