Plurio Flat Panel Arm

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Product description

Plurio monitor arm is a scalable system that creates comfortable and healthy working and sitting positions. It supports up to 6 screens making the technology adjust to the user.

As technology quickly evolves, displays are coming in more shapes and sizes than ever before, and employees are using more of them. By allowing users to control the angle and focal depth of their displays—regardless of quantity and size—the Plurio collection gives them the ability to maximize display usage, increase personal comfort and enhance productivity.

Adjustable focal depth bars provide 13″ of adjustability. When not in use, displays tuck back neatly, clearing valuable worksurface space. Fixed focal depth bars are also available.

Improved flexibility for up to six displays. Plurio’s 12″ and 18″ columns offer a range of display and laptop configurations including single, dual and triple display bars to meet today’s ever-expanding user needs. With Plurio’s 26″ column, employees can easily utilize up to six displays in a variety of arrangements.

- Plurio Single
- Plurio Dual
- Plurio Triple
- Plurio Static one-over-one
- Plurio Dual with Laptop Support
- Plurio multiple displays support

Material metal (unspecified)
plastics (unspecified)
Colors shades of grey

Steelcase, Germany

Steelcase Design Studio

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